Rival Loves Me - Eye Gloss

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Unique shimmer-gloss effect for the eyes. Can also be used as an eyeshadow topper.

Eye gloss is used to add a touch of glamor and shine to the eyelids.

This product is a liquid gel and contains glitter or shimmer particles to achieve a shimmering effect on the eyes.
It can be used alone or as a topper over eyeshadow to enhance the touch of shine.

How to use :
- Apply a foundation to the eyelid to prepare it and unify the skin color.
- Use the built-in brush or your finger to apply the polish to the eyelid to achieve an even distribution of the product
- If you want to achieve a 3D effect, you can apply the polish in the middle of the eyelid, which will enhance the shine of the eyes.
-You can add high-end eye shadow to complete the look

You can use the highlighter alone for a natural, radiant look or as an additional layer over eye shadow.
To achieve long-lasting makeup, a makeup setting spray can be used.