Rival Loves Me - Crystal Lip Oil (5.5ml)

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Color: 01 Amethyst
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Crystal lip oil is the secret to the beauty of your lips, as it gives a shiny touch and superior moisturization to your lips.

Its special crystal formula instantly enhances the radiance and beauty of your lips.
The reflection of light on the crystal imparts a sophisticated shine that makes your lips look shiny and full.

It features a unique formula that combines nourishing oils and sparkling crystals, creating a soft, shiny effect on the lips.

It contains ingredients that enhance hydration and protect the lips from dryness, giving them a healthy and beautiful appearance.

How to use:

Before using lip oil, make sure your lips are clean and dry.
Open the bottle and use the built-in brush to gently distribute the oil on your lips.
You can apply a thin layer for a natural look, or build up layers to achieve extra shine and a fuller look.

Lip oil can be used alone or as an additional layer over lipstick to add shine and a beautiful effect.
It can be used throughout the day as needed to keep lips moisturized.

Using Crystal Lip Oil, you will get shiny, soft, and moisturized lips. Make it part of your daily lip care routine to achieve an attractive and healthy look for your lips.