Rival De Loop Volumizing Mascara (13 ml)

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Eyelash mascara is an essential product in your makeup routine that aims to improve and improve the length and density of eyelashes and give a beautiful, eye-catching finish.

It features a brush designed to separate and coat each eyelash individually for a beautiful, defined look.

Volume effect: gives eyelashes a thick and full appearance.
Eyelash Extension: Adds length to the eyelashes for an attractive look.

Defining and Separating: The brush helps define and separate lashes for a natural, defined look.

how to use:

Clean and prepare lashes with an eyelash comb or clean brush to separate them.
Choose the right type of mascara for your needs, whether it's for extra volume or extra extension.

Apply one or two first layers of mascara using the brush from the base of the eyelashes to the tips.

Wait a few moments for the first mascara to dry slightly before applying an additional layer.

Repeat the application process as needed, making sure to separate lashes with a mascara brush.

To define outer corners, use the tip of the brush to apply additional mascara.