Nerissa - 24 PCS Designed Nails

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Now you can have a salon manicure instantly!
Each kit contains 24 nails and pink gel glue.
Multiple sets of natural, healthy-looking nails instantly.
Wear for up to 10 days. Wear beyond ten days is not recommended.

Pink gel glue: 
Gives your nail healthy, pink color.
It is slightly thicker than standard nail glues to give you more time to get the nail positioned precisely the way you like before the glue dries.

Professional designer nails:
Clean, polish and remove all foreign matter from your pin.
Trim and file to remove the free edge of each nail.
Select the correct nail size for each finger, ensuring each nail is natural.

How to apply nails: 
Clean your hands and nails, remove any polish or oil from your natural nails, and lightly buff nails for each finger, making sure each nail is natural.

How to remove nail:
Use 100% acetone, and soak the nail for about 10 minutes; once the entire nail is mushy, using a cloth dampened with acetone, wipe away the pin, and repeat this process as necessary.

Keep out of each of the children.
Do not apply to infected nails.