Maxx Deluxe 24K Gold Hair Dye - Ash Blonde (7.1)

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24 K Gold anti-aging hair care - High-quality experience
Premium care for your hair with gold - The perfect element of nature


-Hair Care Colour Cream with 24K Gold Content  (2x60ml)

-Oxidant Cream Developer 60ml + Maxx Golden Beauty Oxidant Cream 60ml

-Hair Care Serum with 24k Gold Content 2ml


-Hair Care Cream With Avocado Oil: The high fatty acid and vitamin B and E content of avocado oil helps the hair to soften, shine and comb easily.
Apply it to the length and ends of the wet hair by massaging. Leave it on your hair for 2 minutes and rinse well.

Gold gives hair a super deep clean and alleviates build-up or residue. Using gold will benefit the scalp in the same way it does for facial skin because it increases cell renewal and speeds up circulation, supporting healthy hair growth.