LilaFIX Blue Pack Of 5 (Shampoo + Aqua Blue Spray Conditioner + Mask + Keratin Serum + Al Reem Oil)

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-LilaFIX Professional Premium Hair Mask (300 ml): Lilafix Keratin Hair Masque helps maintain the reconstruction of damaged hair and strengthens the keratin it contains.

-LilaFIX Professional Premium Hair Care Shampoo (500 ml): Shampoo's keratin content profoundly cleanses and moisturizes hair.

-LilaFIX Conditioner Spray Aqua Blue (400ml): Repairing hair care spray for all hair types. A quick conditioning spray. Effects on the smoothness and easy brushing of hair.

- LilaFIX Repairing Hair Keratin Serum (100ml): Lilafix repairing hair care serum with active compounds nourishes your damaged hair and repairs broken ends. 
It provides more shine to dull hair. And it prevents new broken hair. How to use: Apply a small amount of hair serum and spread it from the length to the ends of your wet or dry hair by massage. Do not Rinse out.

-Al-Reem Hair Oil Treatment (100ml): 

Please put it on the roots of the hair for half an hour or an hour; it stops hair loss and helps hair grow again.

Thickens, smoothes, and lengthens hair super fast.