ISANA - Eyelash & Eyebrows Serum 6ml

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ISANA eyelash serum with an award-winning complex of active ingredients made from red clover and peptides supports the better anchoring of the hair roots in a natural way.

This extends the biological growth phase.

The eyelashes become more extended, fuller, and thicker after just four weeks!

The natural growth potential of the hair is supported. It also makes the eyebrows appear more even and full.

How to use:

Before applying the serum, your eyes should be cleaned and removed. Then, thanks to the fine brush, you can use the serum specifically. 

Apply it along with the roots of the lashes like an eyeliner. Dip the brush into the serum only once to apply to both eyelids. 

One stroke of the brush per eyelid is sufficient. 

A more significant amount does not produce a better result. After the serum is completely absorbed, you can apply make-up as usual. 

The serum can also be used on bald spots in the eyebrows or to define the brows.

(Made In Germany)