IKT Wax Stick (75g)

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This hair wax contains high-quality ingredients that are easy to apply to hair without sticking, defining styling quickly and effectively for a natural, thick look.
NATURAL FLEX: Hair wax is natural, non-greasy, softens hair, enhances shine smooth, and keeps hair looking its best all day.
Made from natural botanical ingredients, it is naturally safe and non-irritating, leaving your hair soft after use. With a natural fragrance that smells great
This product gives your hair a matte finish and a stronghold, which can maintain your hairstyle for a long time.
The wax is water soluble and washes off quickly after a day of styling.
This lightweight product can be put into a bag or pocket as desired, taken out, and used to maintain a stylish look for your hair.

1. Use the comb to smooth fine hair along the desired final direction.

2. Apply a swab in the same direction on small, split hair that needs trimming along the area to be cut, and apply a small amount evenly.