Ice Roller - Skin Cool Derma Roller

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Ice roller for face and body massage at home or professional use
An ice roller is a hand-held device that has a rotating head filled with water and gel and can be effectively frozen in your freezer.
When the cooling facial roller touches the skin's surface, it will cause the skin to tighten, causing blood vessels and pores to shrink.
A facial massage roller is especially beneficial for those with sensitive skin and suffer from redness, irritation, and inflammation.
It is a great addition and finish to your skin routine because it has a vascular-blocking effect. Other than this, it also helps to get rid of excess fluids that make the skin swollen through lymphatic drainage. He cares not only about the surface but also about the inside.

How to use:
1. Clean the facial massage roller head and put it in the bag.
2. Keep the ice roller in the freezer all the time or flash freeze for 10-15 minutes.
3. Take the drum head out of the freezer and attach it to the handle.
4. Enjoy the cooling and soothing massage effects on your face and body.
Do not use on affected skin tissue
Store in a cool place; do not heat this product