Hydra Derma Roller - Titanium Microneedles

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Hydra Roller is the power of skin aesthetics.

– 20 thin needles of large thickness create tiny holes in the skin without pain
– A particular spiral system is designed on each of these micro-needles through which the solution flows down and can be directly and effectively delivered to the dermis. The unique needle system helps this solution to have an optimal effect on the skin.

* A thin, painless needle with a spiral thread to deliver the medication directly
* Stimulate skin cells to stimulate collagen production to rejuvenate the skin.
* The fine needle is thinner than human hair and does not cause any pain
*The needle system is to deliver topical serum directly to the dermis layer.

Hypoallergenic 24k gold-plated microneedles
Set of 20 microneedles
Microneedle diameter is 0.25 mm
Sterile blister packaging
Collagen stimulation