Heart-shaped Hair Clip (2 pieces)

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Color: Red/Green
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The hair clip is made of lightweight, durable metal such as stainless steel, with a layer of corrosion-resistant paint to give it a beautiful appearance and maintain its quality.

- Contains small colorful hearts made of safe materials such as plastic or colored glass.

- It comes with a distinctive design that includes small hearts in two colors, giving the clip a beautiful and fun look.
This allows for coordination with various looks.

- Suitable for use with different types and lengths of hair, as it comes in a suitable size that is easy to install comfortably.

- It is used to fix parts of the hair in a beautiful and distinctive way, and it can also be used as an accessory to decorate hairstyles.
Suitable for daily use, special occasions, parties and holidays.

- The heart hair clip is a beautiful and fun accessory that adds a touch of beauty and romance to hairstyles, and can be a perfect gift for loved ones and friends.