Hair Tie contains a carton (2 pieces)

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The distinctive hair tie that contains a cardboard

- Provides a soft and comfortable touch when wearing.
- Uses a flexible and durable material to maintain the shape and strength of the tie.

- It comes with a distinctive and attractive design, flexible and circular
- It represents a well-known cartoon character or a distinctive logo, made of durable materials

- Available in a variety of attractive colors to suit different tastes. It may contain distinctive graphics that add an aesthetic and artistic touch to the design.

- Available in a small size to suit different hair types, from short to long hair.

- It is used to hold hair beautifully and comfortably, making it suitable for daily use and special occasions.
- They can be used as an accessory to decorate hairstyles and add a touch of luxury and elegance.

The distinctive cardboard hair tie is a unique and elegant piece that adds a touch of personality and beauty to hairstyles, and can be used for young girls.