Hair Clip decorated with a butterfly knot (2 pieces)

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Color: Light violet
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It features a decorative butterfly knot made of high quality shiny fabric

- It has a buckle made of rust-resistant metal, which is strong and durable.
- It comes with a distinctive, shiny butterfly knot design and delicate details that add beauty and luxury.

- It is available in multiple colors for the main body, such as light pink, light blue, and light purple, and the butterfly knot is coordinated.

- Medium size, used to secure small sections of hair, such as small braids, comfortably and elegantly, and to add an aesthetic touch to hairstyles.

- Suitable for young girls' daily use or on special occasions

The butterfly hair clip is a wonderful accessory that adds a touch of elegance and luxury to hairstyles, and can be a distinctive addition to looks on special occasions or everyday.