Oil Comb Applicator - Hair Treatment

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The new portable hair oil comb massager for applying hair oils or serums directly to the hair roots on the scalp is manageable. Equipped with a vibrating massage.

Rechargeable and recyclable lithium battery


how to use

1 - Press the button to eject the fluid reservoir

2 - Take out the reservoir stopper as instructed, use a dropper to suck the appropriate volume of oil or serum into the reservoir, then cap the stopper well.

3 - Clean the excess liquid around the reservoir seal and place the reservoir inside the appliance.

4 - The comb is turned on after long pressing the button for about 1 second, and it has three massage grades, and you can choose the appropriate massage equipment according to your needs.

5 - We place the comb at the top of the head and press the device to comb the hair by touching it from front to back and repeating that for a few minutes. You can set the combing time according to different areas.

6 - It turns off after a long button press in 2 seconds).