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Shower Filter (H201) - Water (H20) is essential to our life. Therefore, adding the number “1” behind (H20) means that we aim to be better than usual (H20).

The built-in filter filters out impurities and heavy metals found in tap water. By adding moisturizing and nourishing elements to the water, skin problems and dryness can be alleviated.

This product produces the best scent you will ever experience in the shower with the help of professional perfumers. This aromatherapy reduces tension in the mind and body and helps relieve stress and fatigue. Plus, you can experience an aromatic bath without additional air fresheners.

Due to changes in our lifestyles, quality drinking and washing water is essential. Atopy, skin hydration, and skin health make bathing worth the incense therapy effect.

Developed to promote better moisture retention using aromatic slurry, milk powder, and dechlorination in tap water