Catrice - Highlighter Palette C01 (4 colors)

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A highlighter palette consisting of 4 shimmering shades: pink, white, gold, and bronze. This palette provides you with the ability to define and highlight your facial features in a professional and attractive manner

Pink color:
It is used to highlight the cheekbone and give a touch of vitality to the face.
White color:
It is used to highlight the brow bone and under the brow area to give the eyes a larger appearance.
Golden color:
It is used to define the nose bone and bridge, and can also be applied to the cheekbone.
Bronze color:
Use to add a warm touch to the forehead and jawline to define the face.

how to use:
Preparing the skin: Apply foundation and concealer as usual.
Pink color: Using the highlighter brush, apply pink color to the cheekbone and blend gently for a natural glow.
White color: Apply white color to the brow bone and the area under the eyebrow to highlight the eyes and add radiance.
Golden color: Apply the golden color to the bridge of the nose, and it can also be combined on the cheekbone to define the face.
Bronze: Apply bronzer to the forehead and jawline to add warmth and extra definition.
Integration and installation:

Use a beauty sponge or large brush to blend colors naturally. Then use a makeup setting spray to maintain the look for a long time.
Enjoy beautifully defining your facial features with this wonderful palette of highlighter, and shine with a radiant and professional look.