Catrice Cosmetics - Lavender Breeze Pro Slim Eyeshadow Palette ( 14 colors ) 10.6g

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The slim eyeshadow palette contains a variety of colors to suit different eye looks. It features a high-quality formula that provides effective coverage and long-lasting wear.

how to use:
Preparing the eyelid: Before starting, make sure to clean the eyelid well and dry it.
You can use an eye shadow base to ensure better hold and lasting color look.
Choosing colors: Determine the colors you want to use. You can experiment with mixing colors to create multiple looks.
Applying shadow Use an eyeshadow brush or sponge to distribute the color evenly on the eyelid.
Start with a light color as a base and then add darker colors in the corners to define the eye.
Use a blending brush to blend colors naturally and avoid hard edges.
Use a makeup setting spray to ensure your makeup lasts longer.

Enjoy experimenting with different colors and creating different looks using this slim eyeshadow palette.

(EU Product)