Carenel - Lip Night Mask Pomegranate 5g (1 Piece)

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Revitalize your lips with our Pomegranate-scented Lip Night Mask.
This nourishing formula features plant extracts, pomegranate, strawberries, ginseng, moringa seeds, Vitamin E, beeswax, and candelilla wax.

Vitamin E and shea butter add volume, softening wrinkles.
Beeswax accelerates healing, providing nourishment and softening properties.

The protective layer shields against external factors, while the abundant Vitamin C and antioxidants quickly treat dry, cracked lips, revitalizing and renewing them.

Apply at night to deeply nourish and rebuild damaged lips, leaving them smooth and resilient in the morning.

Can also be used as a lip balm.
Hypoallergenic formula suitable for sensitive skin.

Melts gently on application, leaving a subtle, sweet fragrance and a light red tint for beautifully colored lips.