B. Garden Nail Polish

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Color: #33 Glittered Berry
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Choose a color that matches your taste and the occasion.

- Clean the nails well with polish remover if there is old polish.
- Shape the nails with a nail file and define the sides to get an even shape.
- Apply a thin layer of the paint color, wait until it dries completely, then apply a second layer if necessary.
-Once the color is completely dry, apply a thin layer of glitter polish to lock in the color and add a sparkling touch.
- Use a cotton swab or ear buds dipped in paint remover to thoroughly clean the edges and correct any mistakes.
- When you finish coloring the nails, massage the nail moisturizer on and around the nails to moisturize and strengthen them.
- Wait until the paint dries completely before starting any activities.

By following these steps, you can get beautiful, professional nail coloring at home.