Avva Shaping Powder - Waterproof Anti Sweat

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Three-color waterproof shaping powder is an artistic product used to add aesthetic touches to makeup and define facial features professionally. Here is a description of how to use it effectively:

Define the facial features using the dark color of powder. You can put it on:
Cheeks area: Select it from the lower part of the cheek to the upper part towards the ear.
Jawline: Distribute the dark color on the jawline to define it.
Use a light color to highlight some areas of the face, such as the top of the cheekbone, the bridge of the nose, and the forehead
And the brow bone.
Use the shaping brush to gently blend colors onto the face, to achieve a natural, even look.

Spray the face with a makeup setting spray to help set the powder and improve its stability on the face.

Apply the amount gently and a little at first, then gradually increase it if you need more.
Use a soft, suitable brush to achieve even distribution.

You can use waterproof setting powder on special occasions or at times when you need long-lasting makeup.

With these steps, you can achieve professional shaping using three-color waterproof shaping powder.