Acne Treatment - Korean/German Set (5 Products)

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Etude - Baking Powder B.B. Deep Cleansing Foam 120ml
The deep cleansing foam for B.B. cream is formulated with line baking powder that helps remove dead skin cells and rice bran powder that helps to altogether remove even the most stubborn B.B. cream residue.
For face washing, lather it out enough by taking an appropriate amount of water into the palm, rubbing it on the face li a massage, and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Jigott - Real Ampoule Mask

EyeNlip 24K Gold & Peptide Ampoule Cream 50g
Transparent gel-type ampoule cream can be applied smoothly.
Honey extract and eight kinds of peptide ingredients are effective on anti-wrinkle and help recover damaged skin caused by stress.
How to use:
After cleansing, skip the ampoule step and at the end of skincare, get the right amount of the product and apply it evenly.
The product has a high moisture level but is light so this product can be used as a makeup base.
It has a low oil level, so foundation and other powder makeup sustain longer and hold makeup tightly. (Made in Korea)

Douglas Naturals Cleanse Rose Extract 145ml
Douglas Naturals is a care cleansing milk with a gentle cleansing action to remove makeup residue.
With extracts of roses.
It was designed for all skin types. 
Removes makeup, protects against stress, removes enlarged pores, acne, and excessive oil, and removes blackheads. (Made in France)

Cadea Vera Clear 3in1 Activated Carbon (Cleaning + Peeling + Mask) 150ml
The CV CLEAR 3in1 activated carbon cleaning + peeling + mask with black activated carbon, blueberry extract, and clay works powerfully against dirt, makeup, and excess sebum.
Clogged pores are opened, dead skin is removed and unpopular skin impurities are prevented.
Micellar technology and activated carbon: Thoroughly rid the skin of dirt, makeup, and excess sebum.
Blueberry extract: refreshes the skin.
Farnesol: Prevents new impurities with antibacterial properties.
Clay: Absorbs excess sebum, reducing the shine and matting the skin.
Panthenol: Supports the skin recovery process.
Result: pore-deep clean and matt skin. (Made in Germany)