Airbrush Spray Gun

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This mini wireless airbrush kit features gentle oxygen infusion for refreshed skin.
Made from high-strength aluminum alloy, the dual-power spray gun features three air pressure modes for reduced overspray and even distribution.
Secondly, the portable rechargeable spray gun can be charged using USB ports.

Skin rejuvenation and moisturizing, skin tightening, facial cleaning, dead skin removal, anti-acne, blemish removal, anti-wrinkle, whitening,
This professional air compressor kit is widely used in skin care, model making, cake decorating, tattooing, nail art, etc. The principle of an oxygen injection instrument is to inject oxygen under high pressure and atomize skin care products such as essence solution into small parts. Particles under high pressure, delivering them to the basal layer of the skin. It supplies nutrients to the entire body's cells, increases cell elasticity and activity, and moisturizes flabby and dry skin. And complete. Updated type feature

It is ideal for oily and dull skin to restore brightness and radiance.
It uses an extra-small nozzle to ensure proper spraying, an extra-large tank to ensure uninterrupted spraying, and a frosted metallic texture to provide a comfortable touch.

Package includes
1 x Mini air compressor
1 x Pneumatic spray gun
1 x 5CC metal cup
1 x 20cc plastic cup
1 x 40CC plastic cup
1 x Type C charging cable
1 x User Manual
1 x exquisite box