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Nail brush Clean manicure pedicure, nail cleaner plastic tool.
Nail polish dryer It is operated by pressing a button inside, enabling the nail polish to dry in minutes and preserving your manicure.
Fleshy scissors
It has forward and reverses dual-direction rotations for left or right-handed nail techniciansFrom 0 to 30,000RPM adjustable speedQuiet & smooth operation handpiece with a flexible extension, which is convenient for finishing the nails.
Professional File Nail 
Hand and nail cream with wild jasmine oilFast absorption into the skin, effective moisturizer, and protects hands from dryness.How to use :After washing and drying your hands, apply a little cream and rub gently
 Drops placed on nail polish to dry in seconds drop on the still damp paint - dries it in seconds.  
Electric makeup brush cleaner and dryer - Dryer for any makeup brush or spongeRotary device for most cosmetic brushesProfessional, fast, and easy cleaning
21 products

Nail Tools

21 products