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Professional nail polish Durable and fast-drying Keep away from heat and children 
Choose a color that matches your taste and the occasion.- Clean the nails well with polish remover if there is old polish.- Shape the nails with a nail file and define the sides to get an even shape.- Apply a thin layer of the paint color, wait until it dries..
"Rival de Loup French Nude - Nail Color" is a beauty product belonging to the Rival de Loup brand. It is specially designed to care for and improve the appearance of nails. The term "French Nude" means using a color palette that mostly matches natural and neutral shades, providing an..
 Drops placed on nail polish to dry in seconds drop on the still damp paint - dries it in seconds.  
Nail Polish Color: Sangria Red
Nail R Lacque is a high-quality nail polish known for its sophisticated formula. Carefully crafted to achieve aesthetic effects on the nails, it provides a sparkling and long-lasting finish. Available in a wide range of colors and shades to suit various tastes and occasions. How to Use: Clean Your Nails:..
Water-based nail polish offers a unique and professional solution for fingertips art. With its water-friendly formulation, this polish provides a vibrant and long-lasting finish while being gentle on your nails. The easy application makes it a preferred choice for those seeking a hassle-free and environmentally conscious option in the world..

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7 products