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Professional Nails  Assorted Sizes 
Salon perfect manicure in 5 minutesContents: 24 Nails, pre-glued nails 1- Remove any nail color, push cuticles back, and ensure that nails are clean and dry.2- Select the nails that closely match the size of your nails and line them up in the sequence you wish to apply them.3- Using..
Choose a color that matches your taste and the occasion.- Clean the nails well with polish remover if there is old polish.- Shape the nails with a nail file and define the sides to get an even shape.- Apply a thin layer of the paint color, wait until it dries..
Soak treatment bowlsSuitable for nail treatment, removing false nails and cuticles.Add soaking liquid to finger wells and insert fingers.Use artificial nail removal, trimming excess nails, tanning bed protection, nail nutrition & sterilization treatments.Perfect for both professional and personal use.
Cuticle Nippers by Cuty: Your Go-To Nail Care Solution in Qatar Introducing Cuty's Cuticle Nippers, the ideal companion for everyone in Qatar who is passionate about impeccable nail care. Crafted with precision in the heart of Vietnam's renowned beauty workshops, these nippers are a blend of functionality and lasting quality...
Welcome to the next level of nail artistry with our elegantly repackaged Cuty 24 Nails. Each box brings you twenty-four perfectly crafted acrylic nails designed to mirror your nails' natural look and feel. Using Your Cuty Jelly Tape: Preparation: Ensure your natural nails are clean and dry. Size It Right: Match each..
 How to use Cuty jelly tape: 1- Clean your natural nails and dry them.2- Select the correct jelly tape size for each artificial nail and stick it on the backside of the artificial nail.3-Peel off the transparent foil to reveal the adhesive.4- Align it to the nail cuticle.5- Press down..
Dive into the transformative power of Cuty's Jelly Tape Nails Set. Our carefully curated package delivers 24 premium acrylic ABS nails, known for their durable and flexible nature. This ensures not only a comfortable fit but also an undeniably realistic look. Complemented by an easy-to-use stick, high-adhesive jelly tape, and..
36 products

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36 products