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Invisible face lift piece in blackAnti-wrinkle adjustable elasticityFace, neck and eye lifting belt to help create a more youthful appearance.Apply under the hair  
Face and neck lift tape is an effective solution to achieve a more youthful appearance.This tape is specially designed to provide direct support and tightening to the skin in the face and neck area.It is used to reduce the appearance of sagging skin and improve skin texture.How to use :After..

Mask Bowl

QAR 45
The size is moderate and easy to use. Mask bar: Easy to operate, comfortable grip, convenient and practical. It is used to stir and apply the mask. Measuring spoon: 3 Kinds of capacity can be obtained according to different needs. Mask granule: Compressed mask, light and breathable, easy to penetrate,..
Natural fruit face mask machine: this machine can make a perfect face mask for fruits and vegetables, which is super safe and healthy. Automatic and easy to use: You can get a natural, safe and healthy face mask by pressing a power button and waiting for 5 minutes. The machine..
  do you want your makeup to last as long as possible at events or weddings for many hours?  How To Use: shake well and then hold the makeup spray at arm's length and dab about 20cm from your face after applying makeup. apply it from up to down and..
"Blender Sponge PS2" is a makeup blending sponge. These sponges are used to apply and blend makeup products such as foundation, concealer, or other cosmetics with liquid or cream textures. Blender sponges are known for providing smooth and natural blending, guaranteed to distribute makeup evenly for a natural look. They..
 This Makeup bag comes with 10 adjustable compartment dividers which could separate your cosmetic travel bag into 11 parts so you could DIY the storage space to fit the makeup and tools.  Makeup bag contains an adjustable strap and carries a handle, there are 4 ways for you to carry..
The Ebelin precision makeup egg is ideal for evenly applying and blending liquid and creamy textures.Slightly moistened, less of the product is consumed; clean it regularly.Latex-FreeMade From 100% recycled material (EU Product)
16 products

Makeup Tools

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