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Collagen - Water complete moist treatment hair filler. Provides keratine and collagen between cuticles, a protein component of hair, to give radiant care to damaged hair. In addition, it helps maintains hair healthy and silky. How to use:  Add water and filler, so they mix well, then apply the cream-shaped..
Contained ceramide and collagen give you a healthy and smooth hair fixture. How to use: After shampooing, removes excess moisture left on the hair with your hands, and apply and massage the ampoule throughout the hair. After 5-10 minutes of massage, rinse with warm water.
Please put it on the roots of the hair for half an hour or an hour; it stops hair loss and helps hair grow again. Thickens, smoothes, and lengthens hair super fast.
Please put it on the roots of the hair for half an hour or an hour; it stops dandruff and protects it in the long term.  Thickens, protects and helps hair to get rid of dandruff. 
To clean wavy and curly hair, discover the Douglas collection of hair excellent curls curl-defining shampoo with curl retention and curl-hydration properties. The expert formula combines the power of hibiscus with coconut extracts to nourish and define curls. Perfect curls curl-Defining shampoo transforms dry curls into beautiful and bouncy curls...
CP-1's signature silk ampoule! This best-selling hair treatment uses protein to strengthen, repair, and protect your locks, giving you shiny, healthy-looking hair. It also contains hydrolyzed silk to smooth and detangle your locks, leaving them soft and silky. Collagen - fills the damaged areas of the hair structure, thickens, and..
Natural Hair Moisturizing Oil - Made in Korea This oil is a luxurious blend containing argan kernel oil and other plant oils, effectively working to maintain the health of your hair, leaving it silky smooth, and caring for dry and coarse hair for a natural shine. Benefits: Increases hair vitality..
Restorative hair oil for damaged, brittle, and dry hairImproves combability and reduces hair breakageA nourishing formula containing precious date extract, soybean oil, and apricot oilWith a gentle and warm vanilla scent, for softer hair(Made in Germany)
24 products

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24 products