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-LilaFIX Conditioner Spray Aqua Blue (400ml): Repairing hair care spray for all hair types. A quick conditioning spray. Effects on the smoothness and easy brushing of hair. -LilaFIX Professional Premium Hair Care Shampoo (500 ml): Shampoo with its keratin content profoundly cleanses and moisturizes hair. -Lilafix repairing hair care serum..
Lilafix repairing hair care serum with active compounds nourishes your damaged hair and repairs broken ends of hair. It provides more shine to dull hair. And it prevents new broken hair. How to use:  Apply a small amount of hair serum and spread it from the length to the ends of..
- Lilafix Professional Premium Hair Care Shampoo (500 ml): a shampoo with keratin content that deeply cleanses and moisturizes hair - Lilafix Professional Premium Hair Conditioner (350ml): A two-phase conditioner spray with keratin specially formulated for dry and damaged hair -Lilafix Keratin Mask Professional Hair Mask (300 ml): The Lilafix..
Lilafix Intensive Keratin Hair Care Serum, also known as the Hair Repair Serum, presents an advanced solution for hair concerns, renowned for its effectiveness in repairing damage.This sophisticated serum is specially designed to provide intensive care, harnessing the power of keratin to repair and renew damaged hair. With its meticulously..
Nourishing hair serum with argan oil nourishes dry hair from root to tip. Argan oil contains a lot of vitamin E, which helps to protect your hair from the inside.  Provides deep hydration and complete care by nourishing hair and ends. Repairs damaged and weak and broken and dull hair...
The superior anti-breakage booster provides color protection and with beta-carotene, protects even sensitive scalps and hair.An anti-breakage product is a must for dry scalpAnd rough and flaky hair, as well as brittle and damaged hair.Antioxidants protect the scalp and hair from roots to ends.The super anti-breakage booster contains a special..
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