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LilaFIX Pro Premium hair mask makes the hair smooth, and shiny and reduces hair loss. Keratin Complex Lilafix Keratin Hair Masque helps maintain the reconstruction of damaged hair and gives strength to the keratin it contains.  
Collagen - Water complete moist treatment hair filler. Provides keratine and collagen between cuticles, a protein component of hair, to give radiant care to damaged hair. In addition, it helps maintains hair healthy and silky. How to use:  Add water and filler, so they mix well, then apply the cream-shaped..
Contained ceramide and collagen give you a healthy and smooth hair fixture. How to use: After shampooing, removes excess moisture left on the hair with your hands, and apply and massage the ampoule throughout the hair. After 5-10 minutes of massage, rinse with warm water.
- Lilafix Professional Premium Hair Care Shampoo (500 ml): a shampoo with keratin content that deeply cleanses and moisturizes hair - Lilafix Professional Premium Hair Conditioner (350ml): A two-phase conditioner spray with keratin specially formulated for dry and damaged hair -Lilafix Keratin Mask Professional Hair Mask (300 ml): The Lilafix..
CP-1's signature silk ampoule! This best-selling hair treatment uses protein to strengthen, repair, and protect your locks, giving you shiny, healthy-looking hair. It also contains hydrolyzed silk to smooth and detangle your locks, leaving them soft and silky. Collagen - fills the damaged areas of the hair structure, thickens, and..
  This hair wax contains high-quality ingredients that are easy to apply to hair without sticking, defining styling quickly and effectively for a natural, thick look.NATURAL FLEX: Hair wax is natural, non-greasy, softens hair, enhances shine smooth, and keeps hair looking its best all day.Made from natural botanical ingredients, it..
Rose Protein and Meringue Hair Mask, a 3-in-1 hair care formula that gives a hair treatmentExtract of Damask rose flower moisturizes the hair and helps retain moisture and the scent of rose in the hair.Vegetable oil provides nourishment and moisturizes damaged to useAfter shampooing, dry your hair with a..
Hair mask to deeply nourish the hair core and repair dryness, leaving hair soft, full of vitality, and shiny How to use:After shampooing, apply this product evenly to the hair, gently massage for 5 minutes, and then rinse with water.
15 products

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15 products