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For shiny and smooth hair, for all hair types. Shampoo, with its keratin content, deeply cleanses and moisturizes hair. It provides more healthy hair and shiny hair feeding.
-LilaFIX Conditioner Spray Aqua Blue (400ml): Repairing hair care spray for all hair types. A quick conditioning spray. Effects on the smoothness and easy brushing of hair. -LilaFIX Professional Premium Hair Care Shampoo (500 ml): Shampoo with its keratin content profoundly cleanses and moisturizes hair. -Lilafix repairing hair care serum..
LilaFIX Pro Premium hair mask makes the hair smooth, and shiny and reduces hair loss. Keratin Complex Lilafix Keratin Hair Masque helps maintain the reconstruction of damaged hair and gives strength to the keratin it contains.  
Shiny & smooth hair. After washing and rinsing the hair, apply. 2 Phase conditioner spray with keratin was specially formulated for dully, dry and damaged hair. Keratin helps to reconstruct damaged cuticles caused by heat and environmental effects.
Collagen - Water complete moist treatment hair filler. Provides keratine and collagen between cuticles, a protein component of hair, to give radiant care to damaged hair. In addition, it helps maintains hair healthy and silky. How to use:  Add water and filler, so they mix well, then apply the cream-shaped..
Please put it on the roots of the hair for half an hour or an hour; it stops hair loss and helps hair grow again. Thickens, smoothes, and lengthens hair super fast.
Contained ceramide and collagen give you a healthy and smooth hair fixture. How to use: After shampooing, removes excess moisture left on the hair with your hands, and apply and massage the ampoule throughout the hair. After 5-10 minutes of massage, rinse with warm water.
Please put it on the roots of the hair for half an hour or an hour; it stops dandruff and protects it in the long term.  Thickens, protects and helps hair to get rid of dandruff. 
91 products

Hair Care

91 products