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The perfect dress for a night out on the town, this maxi dress by Ghada Couture features a beautiful brown and black print with a gold belt.

Black-Gold Striped Designed Abaya

Adorn yourself in luxury. This vintage-style abaya is one of a kind. Embellished with beautiful work across the neckline, chest, and waist, this abaya creates a look of glamor and grace. The sleeves and hands on this abaya have been uniquely designed to create more beautiful flow and elegance.

Leopard Print Dress Abaya

Leopard print has always been a fashion classic, but we've taken it to the next level with this chic piece.It's the perfect way to add flair to any design
Get the best of both worlds with this elegant abaya in black and beige. Designed with sophistication, it captures the timeless charm of traditional abayas while adding a modern touch to ensure your elegance remains intact.

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4 products