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It melts the dead skin cells on your lips while you're sleeping. Contains berries with vitamin C. It is a refreshing feeling with a berry scent. How to use: Before sleep, apply enough to cover your lips with your finger or a Q-tip. Then, wipe it out with a tissue..
Moisturizes to stop brittle nails from breaking. Strengthens, protects and nourishes nails & cuticles. Argan Oil, Coconut Extract, Paraffin Wax. Purederm moisture & nourish fingernail mask is a convenient way to care for, condition, and treat dry & brittle nails damaged by excessive nail art& removal of the cuticle. The..
Overnight moisture mask that purifies with exclusive sleep tox and intensively hydrates through the night for clear and gloving skin every morning. Water Sleeping Mask utilizes moisture wrap technology, which contains a powerfully moisturizing beta-glucan. It forms a protective film on the skin, locking in the active ingredients while sleeping...
The super soft eye pads with moisturizing care concentrate on aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin E to counteract dryness and wrinkles. Aloe Vera protects the skin from drying out.Hyaluronic - The long-lasting moisturizer for a healthy faceVitamin E - Provides active protection against free radicals and strengthens and firms..
An exclusive heel mask for cracked and dry heels provides deep hydration and instant softness. Heel softening pad with an air-shell structure and waterproof protecting fabric help to absorb all of the essences without evaporation of water, resulting in an immediate softening effect. It is a triple care mask that..
Black Head Peel Off Mask The Yeauty blackhead peel-off mask sachet with the active ingredient combination of activated charcoal, hyaluronic and green tea cleanses deep into the pores, removes skin impurities, and counteracts the formation of blackheads.  Ideal for blemished skin and skin affected by blackheads. For the nose, chin,..
Valuable hyaluronic acid combined with active moisturizing ingredients makes an effective moisturizing booster.Nourishing lipids from macadamia nut and shea butter smooth the skin.The skin is intensively moisturized and padded with unpleasant wrinkles.For a streamlined and smooth complexion How to use: Apply evenly to cleansed facial skinAvoid the eye and lip..
Sparkly gold metallic face mask peel-offSmoothing & cleansing The deep cleansing formula for soft, smooth, and radiant-looking skinFor normal skinNot suitable for children under 12 years old How to use: Clean your face like you usually doApply to non-sensitive areas such as the nose, chin, and foreheadApply an even layer on..
47 products


47 products