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It provides vitamins to tired and dulled skin and gives it vitality to create clean & clear skin. Restorative care contains three vitamin whitening ingredients. Soft Creamy Texture - can be applied to the face or body without stickiness. Using natural moisturizing ingredients keeps the skin moist for a long..
It revitalizes, brightens, and antioxidant your skin while sleeping. Volcanic ash components will clean even inside the pore; after washing off the product, nine different types of hep oils will provide vitality to your skin. How to use: After washing your face, spread the product gently on the face except..
Matte lipstick is a cosmetic product that gives the lips a beautiful and natural color without leaving shine.It has a soft, lightweight formula that glides easily on the lips, ensuring a smooth and comfortable application.It comes in a variety of attractive colors that suit different skin tones and style preferences...
A shining and gorgeous black peel-off pack will manage keratin and sebum on the skin. Containing extracts and glyceryl glucoside components will keep your skin moist and smooth after removing the pack. How to use: Apply the proper amount to the face except the eyes, brows, and mouth; after 15..
This sleeping pack mask improves dried skin to be moisturized while asleep. (Korean Product)
Transparent gel-type ampoule cream can be applied smoothly. Honey extract and eight peptide ingredients are effective on anti-wrinkle and help recover damaged skin caused by stress. How to use: After cleansing, skip the ampoule step and at the end of skincare, get the right amount of the product and apply..
The product has great moisture power and excellent absorption power. Snail mucus filtrate is contained to improve wrinkles and helps to promote healthy skin. In addition, the patented amino acid complex, which includes 17 amino acids, has higher moisturizing power to soothe dry skin. How to use: 1-After washing the..
It helps to improve the wrinkles on the skin. How to use: In the last skincare step, take an appropriate amount and apply it to the entire face to be absorbed. (Made in Korea)
10 products


10 products