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Get long-lasting results with intensive lash and brow tint. It offers a quick development time (10 minutes for lashes, 3 minutes for brows), and lashes appear longer and more voluminous for up to 6 weeks. For professional use. (Made in Germany)
Black Glue Eyeliner By Cuty How to use: Shake before you use it first; you can use it as eyeliner and glue for eyelashes. Close the cap after you use it to prevent the product from drying. You can use it up to 100 times. Long-lasting 24 hours.
Get perfect, long-lasting eyelashes with a light layerNaturally lengthened eyelashes with a strongholdA fixing mascara with a streak- and fall-resistant texture that enhances the volume of eyelashes while giving them an attractive appearanceApply mascara, then apply fixative from the roots to the edge of the eyelashes
Use the curler before applying mascara to protect the lashes.Open the eyelash curler and carefully place upper lashes between the top and bottom section of the curler. Next, gently squeeze handles, hold for 10 seconds, and open them slowly. For more curl, repeat these steps. Finally, regularly clean the rubber..
Cuty Eyelashes (4 Pairs Inside)Four Classy Pairs of Cuty Eyelashes InsideBest Seller eyelashes styles in Germany (Made in Germany) Black Clear Waterproof Eyeliner Glue Pen By Cuty (2 Pieces)How to use:Shake before you use it first, you can use it as both eyeliner and glue for eyelashes.Close the cap after..
Elevate your gaze with Cuty's natural lashes. This collection features four pairs of exquisite eyelashes made from premium human hair. They are designed to provide a natural yet luxurious look, enhancing your eyes with a soft and radiant effect. Key Features: High Quality: Crafted from high-quality human hair to achieve..

Cuty Natural Eyelashes 3D

Transform your look with the Cuty Eyelashes Collection, our top-selling range that's a favorite among beauty enthusiasts. Each lash in our collection is crafted from 100% natural materials, promising not just an authentic look but also unparalleled comfort. Whether you're heading to a special event or simply want to enhance..
25 products

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25 products