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Contains fruit extracts rich in vitamins and moisturizing ingredients, giving a moisturizing sensation  The water type absorbs quickly into the lips and lasts long without being sticky. It protects the lips from dryness and moisturizes them deeply. This dye gives you complete and even coverage, making your lips look full..
 Dear Darling Lip Water Gel from Etude House is a Korean masterpiece that gives you a unique experience in caring for your lips. Its light formula has a watery gel texture that gently melts onto the lips, giving you a refreshing sensation and a clear, ice-cream-like color. Dear Darling Lip..
Feature: 1. Triangle-shaped pencil enables a delicate drawing.2. Moisture with Vitamin E softens the eyebrows.3. Great temperature resistance and proper hardness maintain a natural coloring.4. No thick expression for one application. Use it multiple times to make it natural. How to use: 1. Use the angle of the pen to..
Feature: New design of Dear Darling Water Gel Tint with volume increased.Promotes long-lasting vivid color on lips. Provides various colors, from calm tone red to warm tone red, to brighten skin tone. It contains Pomegranate and Soapberry extract enriched with minerals and vitamins to leave the lips moisturized and fresh...
Play Colors Eyes Palette 10 colors eye shadow palette filled with lovely colors of freshly harvested peaches. (Made in Korea)
Feature: 24 hours stable & fixed curled lashesA dual jelly brush provides a delicate touchThe powerful waterproof coating effect Color: Black How to use: 1- Brush lashes in Zigzag motion2- Brush up and downwards delicately (Made in Korea
A heartwarming collaboration between Etude and the Hershey's Kisses brand! Choco mousse tint #2 Almond Chocolate Mousse tint softly wraps the lips like whipping cream. (Made in Korea)
Four-color eye shadow palette with the soft creaminess of milk chocolate. (Korean product)
20 products

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20 products