Cuty 24 Nails: Perfect Fit for any Occasion

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Color: Silver Mirror
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Welcome to the next level of nail artistry with our elegantly repackaged Cuty 24 Nails.

Each box brings you twenty-four perfectly crafted acrylic nails designed to mirror your nails' natural look and feel.

Using Your Cuty Jelly Tape:

  1. Preparation: Ensure your natural nails are clean and dry.
  2. Size It Right: Match each nail with the ideal jelly tape size, sticking it onto the artificial nail's back.
  3. Reveal the Adhesive: Pull away the transparent protective foil.
  4. Perfect Placement: Align with your nail cuticle for the best fit.
  5. Secure It: Start by pressing in the center, then edge outwards from side to side.

Switching Out?:
To part ways, edge the nails off from the sides. For a gentler process, a touch of nail polish remover works wonders. Apply, wait a minute, and peel.

With our renewed packaging and clear instructions, we're excited to offer you a nail experience.