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This make-up remover micellar gel contains hibiscus plant extract and cornflower extract.Respectively renowned for their softening and soothing properties.Its soft, gel-like texture is instantly refreshing without leaving a feeling of tightness or an oily residue.The skin is thoroughly cleansed, and impurities are removed.Suitable for all skin types. How to use:..
The make-up remover micellar water contains iris extract.Renowned for its soothing, moisturizing, and regenerative properties. A formula without the feeling of tightness and without the need to rinse. Suitable for all skin types. How to use: Apply both morning and evening to the whole face, eyes, and neck with this process until..
Place a facial cleansing sponge in a bowl of water. The sponge expands and doubles in size.This soft facial sponge is a natural beauty sponge, contains no harmful chemicals or additives,They are safer and healthier; they can be easily washed in hot water, and reusable many times, and after use,..
Cleansing milk to oil care.Alp Rose & Beech bud extract. Directions for use: Apply a pea-sized amount to the face and neck and massage with your fingertips until the texture turns to oil. Rinse with warm water. (Made in Spain)
Active Charcoal Mask - For All Skin Types - Bamboo Charcoal Indulge in luxurious care for your skin with the Active Charcoal Mask, designed for all skin types and enriched with bamboo charcoal. This treatment gives you soft and radiant skin, as the charcoal works to cleanse and purify your..
The deep cleansing foam for BB cream is formulated with line baking powder that helps remove dead skin cells and rice bran powder that helps remove even the most stubborn BB cream residue altogether. Directions: For face washing, lather it out enough by taking an appropriate amount of water into..
For Your Beauty Cosmetic Brush Cleaning Spray is the perfect helper for keeping your cosmetic brushes or makeup sponges clean and fresh quickly without having to wash them.Since makeup residue, skin particles, dirt, as well as bacteria accumulate in brush hairs over time, regular care of your brush not only..
  The Professional Skin Cleansing Facial Device is the perfect product to add to your at-home skincare routineBlue and red LED light, micro current with micro-vibration, and heating to increase blood flow to the skin.Blue light repairs the skin's surface and smoothes skin and fine lines while also improving acne..
54 products


54 products