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1-Take a section of hair and hold it taut, and push the brush into your hair so that the bristles are pushed down into the hair. 2-Then, pull the brush through your hair like a regular hairbrush, ensuring you continue holding your hair taut. 3-The slower you glide the brush..
Curl Hair Brush 
An excellent option for on-the-go, whether you're traveling, hitting the gym, or whenever you need to dry your hair swiftly.
Ergonomically designed handle, smooth-edged nylon pins, high-performance silicone brush pad."These brushes feature an ergonomically designed handle for comfortable use, nylon bristles with smooth edges for a gentle experience on the hair, and a high-performance silicone brush pad to achieve excellent results.
-Features an integrated roller ideal for even application of hair cosmetics and detailing. The hair moves gently through the integrated roller without ripping or tangling. -The tube is easily removable for easy cleaning. You are maintaining the hygiene of your hair care regimen. -Gently detangles hair thanks to extensive teeth...
21 products

hair Brushes

21 products