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Crystal hair eraserThe crystal hair removal machine uses nanocrystal technology. It is made of high-quality glass and ABS materials with a smooth surface, allowing you to say goodbye to boring haircuts, painful hair removal, or expensive lasers.Crystal epilator will replace the razor for a long timeIt removes dead skin and..
Portable shaverA portable mini electric shaver, made of 0.1mm thick stainless steel, double-loop 3D knife net, increases the size of the shave; the floating arc surface is smooth and sticks to the skin, removing hair from the roots.Waterproof, no need to worry about bacteria residue, dry and wet, sterile and..
Ice roller for face and body massage at home or professional useAn ice roller is a hand-held device that has a rotating head filled with water and gel and can be effectively frozen in your freezer.When the cooling facial roller touches the skin's surface, it will cause the skin to..
Ceramide foot repair creamDesigned to moisturize the feet and eliminate drynessIt is a type of balm composed of natural elements, shea butter, to be quickly absorbed into rough areasHow to useAfter washing and drying the feet, apply an appropriate amount of cream
Goodbye hair after todayVanbar Ice Cooling Hair Removal Machine Painless Laser Hair Removal for Face Armpit Arm Back Bikini Area LegsThe Vanbar iBelle with Compress Plate Built-in Ice soothes your skin and reduces redness and swelling.Turn on ice cooling mode to enjoy laser hair removal and cooling care at the..
Salt body scrub cream helps prevent ingrown hairsFeeling hydrated, with a more even skin tone and a feeling of super softnessIt contributes to getting rid of dead skin cells that cover the body and gives it a healthy appearanceUnifies skin tone and removes skin pigmentationIt cleans the pores from the..
The lavender plant helps clean and tighten the skin's pores by enhancing the flow of blood and oxygen inside the skin cells and gives the body a pleasant and fragrant scent.This lavender salt exfoliating body cream helps prevent ingrown hairs.The feeling of body moisture with a more even skin tone..
Douglas - Home Spa Seathalasso (Shower Oil) 200ml Protective shower oil - infused with seaweed and sea minerals, this shower oil transforms into a delicate foam when in contact with water.It gently cleanses and leaves a silky protective film on the skin.The skin is supple, soft, and non-greasy.Apply to damp..
99 products

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