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The soft-matte, full-coverage liquid foundation is groundbreaking in its formula, effective in covering imperfections and hydrating, smoothing the face, and covering makeup imperfections.Unites skin tone and gives a natural, homogeneous, and attractive skin tone, suitable for all skin typesIt can be used as a base cream with other cosmetic products..
A soft lip liner that gives creamy coloring like colored pencils. Clear Lips! Creamy Like Colored Pencils! A soft lip liner that draws on the lips for coloring. Soft long-wearing texture. Lines that are kept neat by drawing at once without interruption with creamy sliding. Clear color development with one..
Sculpt your face perfectly with our Shade & Define - 10 Color contouring palette, five contours to get your face snatched, and five highlighters to enhance your best features. Each silky, blendable powder is universally flattering and allows you to achieve a flawless look every time, from low-key natural to..
A must-have for gorgeous lips with a wet look, this lip gloss creates voluminous lips. In addition to its popular volumizing effect. Lip gloss for an extreme shine finish and fuller-looking lips, non-sticky. Vegan  (EU Product) 
The Douglas Contouring Palette features a unique collection of eight matte shades that allow you to create your favorite look to suit your mood. The palette offers a diverse range of colors, enabling you to achieve multiple effects and stunning looks. How to use: Select the base shade that complements..
Instant Anti-Age Concealer  A high-performance concealer has colored pigments that perfect the under-eye area, covering flawlessly. Of course, a hectic social life or lack of sleep can wreak havoc on the eye area- but say goodbye to dark circles and fine lines.  Perfect for dark circles: Targets dark circles, fine..
Five color eye shadow, silty smooth, exquisite, good on the chromaticity, and long-lasting tightly on the skin, creating a natural, unique eye makeup effect.
#03RichNude  A new Nude Rich eyeshadow palette by S.F.R color is the palette you use when you want something discreet but still shiny. Light, medium, and rich eyeshadow palette.
104 products

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104 products