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The distinctive Hello Kitty hair clip, suitable for children- The hair clip has a variety of color options and different shapes that suit little girls' hairstyles.- The hair clip is designed from transparent acrylic material, not easy to slip, suitable for hair arrangement for young girls and contains innovative cartoon..
Creative little cute acrylic material hairpin for kids is novel and interesting, with little windmills as decorative items, cute and heart-warming, every little girl will love it.- The hairpin has a variety of color options, which can be easily matched with different colors and styles of clothing according to the..
This satin hair clip and ribbon accessory with shiny flower is a gorgeous and attractive piece to decorate and hold your hair in style.- Soft and durable satin is used to make the clip, which makes it comfortable to use and gives a luxurious look.- It features delicate and elaborate..
The transparent PVC hair clip decorated with a rose and glitter on the inside is an elegant and practical piece to hold hair in a beautiful and eye-catching way.-High quality transparent, giving it a pure and modern look.- The clip is decorated with a beautiful rose elaborately placed on the..
The hair clip is made of rust-resistant metal such as stainless steel or high-quality plastic, to ensure the strength and durability of the clip.- Pearl Flower contains artificial or real pearls, depending on the design and preferences, elegant and attractive- It comes with a beautiful and elegant flower design, with..
The hair clip is made of lightweight, durable metal such as stainless steel, with a layer of corrosion-resistant paint to give it a beautiful appearance and maintain its quality.- Contains small colorful hearts made of safe materials such as plastic or colored glass.- It comes with a distinctive design that..
Made of very light plastic or metal to maintain comfort during use.- It contains a cute rabbit-shaped decor, made of safe and durable materials such as colorful plastic.- Features a cute rabbit design with long ears, eyes and nose, a symbol of beauty and spontaneity.- Light pink, gives the clip..
It features a decorative butterfly knot made of high quality shiny fabric- It has a buckle made of rust-resistant metal, which is strong and durable.- It comes with a distinctive, shiny butterfly knot design and delicate details that add beauty and luxury.- It is available in multiple colors for the..
178 products


178 products