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For shiny and smooth hair, for all hair types. Shampoo, with its keratin content, deeply cleanses and moisturizes hair. It provides more healthy hair and shiny hair feeding.
Dive into the transformative power of Cuty's Jelly Tape Nails Set. Our carefully curated package delivers 24 premium acrylic ABS nails, known for their durable and flexible nature. This ensures not only a comfortable fit but also an undeniably realistic look. Complemented by an easy-to-use stick, high-adhesive jelly tape, and..
Included : Magnetic Eyelashes Magnetic eyeliner fluid Eyelashes with special tools Usage Method: 1-Shake the magnetic eyeliner 10-20 times 2-Apply the magnetic eyeliner to the eyelids and wait for it to dry out 3-Absorb the magnetic eyelashes onto the eyeliner with the included tool or hand to complete the wear..
-LilaFIX Conditioner Spray Aqua Blue (400ml): Repairing hair care spray for all hair types. A quick conditioning spray. Effects on the smoothness and easy brushing of hair. -LilaFIX Professional Premium Hair Care Shampoo (500 ml): Shampoo with its keratin content profoundly cleanses and moisturizes hair. -Lilafix repairing hair care serum..
LilaFIX Pro Premium hair mask makes the hair smooth, and shiny and reduces hair loss. Keratin Complex Lilafix Keratin Hair Masque helps maintain the reconstruction of damaged hair and gives strength to the keratin it contains.  
Shiny & smooth hair. After washing and rinsing the hair, apply. 2 Phase conditioner spray with keratin was specially formulated for dully, dry and damaged hair. Keratin helps to reconstruct damaged cuticles caused by heat and environmental effects.
Elevate your gaze with Cuty's natural lashes. This collection features four pairs of exquisite eyelashes made from premium human hair. They are designed to provide a natural yet luxurious look, enhancing your eyes with a soft and radiant effect. Key Features: High Quality: Crafted from high-quality human hair to achieve..
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