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For shiny and smooth hair, for all hair types. Shampoo, with its keratin content, deeply cleanses and moisturizes hair. It provides more healthy hair and shiny hair feeding.
-LilaFIX Conditioner Spray Aqua Blue (400ml): Repairing hair care spray for all hair types. A quick conditioning spray. Effects on the smoothness and easy brushing of hair. -LilaFIX Professional Premium Hair Care Shampoo (500 ml): Shampoo with its keratin content profoundly cleanses and moisturizes hair. -Lilafix repairing hair care serum..
Moroccan Bath Bags
- Lilafix Professional Premium Hair Care Shampoo (500 ml): a shampoo with keratin content that deeply cleanses and moisturizes hair - Lilafix Professional Premium Hair Conditioner (350ml): A two-phase conditioner spray with keratin specially formulated for dry and damaged hair -Lilafix Keratin Mask Professional Hair Mask (300 ml): The Lilafix..
To clean wavy and curly hair, discover the Douglas collection of hair excellent curls curl-defining shampoo with curl retention and curl-hydration properties. The expert formula combines the power of hibiscus with coconut extracts to nourish and define curls. Perfect curls curl-Defining shampoo transforms dry curls into beautiful and bouncy curls...
An exclusive heel mask for cracked and dry heels provides deep hydration and instant softness. Heel softening pad with an air-shell structure and waterproof protecting fabric help to absorb all of the essences without evaporation of water, resulting in an immediate softening effect. It is a triple care mask that..
This unique mask helps to create healthy skin. How to use: After washing the foot, wear the mask for 10-20 minutes, then remove and let the left content absorb. (Made in Korea)
Moisturizing Body Scrub with Plant-Derived Glycerin and Strawberry Seeds This nourishing body scrub is enriched with plant-derived moisturizing glycerin and renowned strawberry seeds, known for their exceptional exfoliating properties. A true "scrub and softener" duo, it effectively removes dead skin cells, leaving the skin soft with a delicate fragrance. Key..
86 products

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86 products