This hair wax contains high-quality ingredients that are easy to apply to hair without sticking, defining styling quickly and effectively for a natural, thick look.NATURAL FLEX: Hair wax is natural, non-greasy, softens hair, enhances shine smooth, and keeps hair looking its best all day.Made from natural botanical ingredients, it..
Blades for removing facial and eyebrow hairResin-coated blade is effective in shaving fine, fine hair Does not cause allergies or wounds. Easy and quick to remove. Removes fine hair around the eyebrows, neck, and face. Features a stainless steel safety cap.How to use: Apply cream or soap to your skin..
Derma roller skin treatment with acupuncture efficient system for anti-aging skin It helps generate growth factors that stimulate the production of natural collagen and elastin in the papillary layer of the dermis, helping to make your skin look healthier and younger.Reduces clogged pores. Effective for: anti-aging, repairing acne scars, reducing..
Electric makeup brush cleaner and dryer - Dryer for any makeup brush or spongeRotary device for most cosmetic brushesProfessional, fast, and easy cleaning
Sponge Excellent quality It can be used great with liquid cream, foundation, concealer, and mousse It removes lines and wrinkles in the application of makeup and reaches the hard-to-reach corners of the face blends evenly without absorbing excess product Easy to clean: Wash the sponge and reuse it many times..
Professional Makeup rolling lockable train case with wheels Rolling Makeup Trolley Cosmetics Case  6 Trays with drawer and mirror  For makeup artists or hair stylists 37*50*24cm
Set of 8 pieces of professional nail brushes for acrylics and nail drawings.
Cuticle Nippers by Cuty: Your Go-To Nail Care Solution in Qatar Introducing Cuty's Cuticle Nippers, the ideal companion for everyone in Qatar who is passionate about impeccable nail care. Crafted with precision in the heart of Vietnam's renowned beauty workshops, these nippers are a blend of functionality and lasting quality...
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