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Elevate your beauty regimen with the Cuty Cosmetic Skincare Storage, our best-selling mini cooler fridge. Thoughtfully designed for beauty aficionados, this fridge provides the ideal environment for preserving the efficacy and longevity of your makeup and skincare products. Beyond functionality, its chic pink hue and mirrored exterior, complemented by LED..
Face and neck lift tape is an effective solution to achieve a more youthful appearance.This tape is specially designed to provide direct support and tightening to the skin in the face and neck area.It is used to reduce the appearance of sagging skin and improve skin texture.How to use :After..

Mask Bowl

QAR 45
The size is moderate and easy to use. Mask bar: Easy to operate, comfortable grip, convenient and practical. It is used to stir and apply the mask. Measuring spoon: 3 Kinds of capacity can be obtained according to different needs. Mask granule: Compressed mask, light and breathable, easy to penetrate,..
Place a facial cleansing sponge in a bowl of water. The sponge expands and doubles in size.This soft facial sponge is a natural beauty sponge, contains no harmful chemicals or additives,They are safer and healthier; they can be easily washed in hot water, and reusable many times, and after use,..
Natural fruit face mask machine: this machine can make a perfect face mask for fruits and vegetables, which is super safe and healthy. Automatic and easy to use: You can get a natural, safe and healthy face mask by pressing a power button and waiting for 5 minutes. The machine..
Foot Scrapper (Pack of 2 pieces) Plastic & Aluminium
It helps heal wounds, arthritis, and stiff joint. Paraffin wax has a low melting point and is not sticky; it can moisturize the skin and increase blood circulation.The advantages make it the ideal choice for skin care treatment at home.Paraffin wax treatment seals the heat and moisture for ultimate efficacy. Benefits:Convenient..
The fine-tipped tweezers are ideal for removing splinters and very small or fine hair.The tips of these tweezers are extremely sharp and allow you maximum precision to isolate specific hairs or handle very short hair.It enables eyebrows to be shaped in a more professional manner.The ends that meet precisely grab..
22 products

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